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How do I join?
Just log in to your RACS Group Contractor Portal. Here you will see the Change For a Time logo on the right hand side of your screen. Just click on the icon and follow the simple instructions. 

How do I opt out?
If you would like to opt out from the ‘Change For a Time' scheme, please click the ‘Stop donating' button on the ‘How to Join' tab in the ‘Change For a Time' interface, on the RACS Group Contractors Portal. Your normal pay will be resumed from the following week.

Can I split my donation across several charities?

If you would like to donate to more than one of the optional charities, just click the tick button next to your selected charities and your pay will be split across all the mandatory charities (50%) and your optional charities (50%)

Can I change to a different charity?

Yes, it is simple to change the charity(ies) you are donating to. Simply go to the Change For a Time section on the RACS Group Contractor Portal, select the ‘Charities’ tab and unclick the charity you are currently donating to and select the one you wish to change to. Your donation will automatically change from the following week. 

When will the charity receive my money?
RACS Group will hold your money in our designated charity account, for up to 0-8 weeks or until the donations have reached a pre-determined amount. We will then transfer this fund (together with any interest accrued) to the charity. RACS Group will not receive any interest or administration fees from the donated money. 

Will the charities receive my details?
If you have elected to Gift Aid your donation, then RACS Group are obliged to provide your name and details to the charity you are donating to, so that they can claim the Gift Aid. Your details will be provided at the same time as we pay your donation to the charity. 

Gift Aid is a simple scheme that allows charities to recover the tax paid on donations at no extra cost to you. By reclaiming tax from HM Revenue & Customs Gift Aid is a great way for you to help charities to maximise the value of your donation. 

That means that every £1 you donate could be worth an extra 25 pence. For more information, please visit the following website:

How do I know how much I have donated in total?
Your donation to each charity is automatically updated each time you are paid. This is listed in your own ‘donation box’ next to each charity – just visit the ‘Charities’ section in the ‘Change For a Time’ portal to find out your total donation.

What do I do if my bank details change?
As soon as you know your bank details are changing, please contact the RACS Group Client Care Team on 0345 604 0571 or email We will ensure your details are updated immediately.

Will my donation be deducted from my gross or net salary?
Your donation will be made from your net salary and you will be offered the opportunity to sign up to Gift Aid. 

How will the donation be shown on my payslip?
On your payslip you will see a line ‘Donation to Charity' which will show how much you have donated as illustrated below.
How Will My Donation Be Showed 

Can I amend the amount I donate? 
Unfortunately not – however, you will only ever donate the small change in your salary, so your weekly or monthly pay will be reduced to the nearest £1.

How do I know that my money won’t end up in the wrong hands?
RACS Group has been fully audited by HM Revenue & Customs and is fully compliant in all areas. We have a tested system of checks and balances to ensure proper use of funds, including regular internal and external audits. Spending reports are also published regularly for donors and the public. RACS Group and this campaign in particular fully complies with the Institute of Fundraising's Code of Conduct.

Institute of Fundraising

What happens when I leave RACS Group?
As soon as you leave RACS Group and cease to be paid by us, your donation to your chosen charity will automatically stop. Upon leaving RACS Group, you will no longer be able to access your interface, which includes the ‘Change For a Time’ interface, so please check your payslips to calculate your total donation, for any tax purposes.  

What should I do if I have a complaint about ‘Change For a Time’?
To ensure we deal with any complaints about our fundraising activities efficiently and effectively, please contact the RACS Group Charity Team on 0345 604 0571 or email

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