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As RACS enters the later stages of their rebrand to People Group Services (People Group), the latest step has been to rename all existing RACS products to something more fitting with the new brand.

The biggest change, due to it being the most popular payroll product, is to RACS Collective Plus the company's umbrella solution, which is now called People Umbrella. Other products to be renamed include RACS PSC which becomes People PSC, RACS PS Pro has changed to People Pro and RACS CIS is now People CIS.

Contractors using RACS for their payroll have been advised of all changes and are set to receive the first of their new look payslips this week.

The next step in the rebrand journey for contractors is the online portal, where users login to view all payslips and other pay related details. This is scheduled for Friday 23rd August in readiness for the target date for overall completion of the rebrand by 01st September 2019.

Group Managing Director, Terry Hillier, commented: "The rebrand is moving forward at a real pace and the message that RACS is changing is very much out there. Completing the external customer facing changes is the most important and possibly most enjoyable part of rebranding, it's the months of hard work behind the scenes, which will continue probably for at least the next 6 months, which is a challenge!"

Terry continued: "RACS has been so engrained within the intermediary market for the past 12 years it is understandable that it will take time to remove it. We are very proud of what RACS has achieved and we'll not forget that, but we've opened a new chapter in our journey and we keep moving forward."

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