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Introduction to CIS Collective

Offering construction workers full employment rights with tax and NIC contributions taken at source, RACS CIS Collective, or "Umbrella", also enables up to 15% of salary to be reclaimed in legitimate expenses.

The "CIS Umbrella" product also enables contractors to maximise their income and yet still benefit from all statutory benefits including sick, maternity and holiday pay.

£6.00 per 12 hour day margin is only charged for actual days worked irrespective of earnings.

With all the additional benefits of RACS core collective "Umbrella" product, CIS "Umbrella" is suitable for construction contractors who prefer a complete service with minimum administration.


Join our 'Umbrella' solution (RACS Collective).

  • Many contractors have opted for our Salary and Expenses payroll company which allows individuals to offset genuine business expenses against PAYE liabilities.
  • Enjoy the security of being employed, with money set aside for holiday pay in accordance with working time legislation and all statutory benefits paid (such as sick pay) where these meet the legal criteria.
  • We are compliant with HMRC regulations and only allow legitimate receipted claims for expenses.
  • We have been audited by the AEMC and are Umbrella Supermarket approved.


RACS Collective will offer you (through third party providers):

  • Full PAYE employment
  • No IR35 worries
  • No MSC legislation
  • Dispensations for incurred expenses*
  • Guaranteed expenses per pay period
  • Easy to understand pay advice
  • Guaranteed payment days
  • Assistance with taxation issues
  • Free processing of expenses
  • Fixed daily margin
  • Professional insurance
  • Sick pay insurance (optional)
  • Single point of contact

*(no receipts required)


Genuine business expenses make this product work for you. Please ensure that you retain VAT receipts where applicable.

HMRC will allow genuine business expenses to be offset against PAYE taxation liabilities. Even though we have secured specialised dispensations for you, you must inform us that you have incurred these expenses in the first place.

Other providers do not always request this and as a result, the liability lies with the contractor.


Many Contractors have opted for our Salary and Expenses payroll company - allowing individuals to off-set genuine business expenses against PAYE tax liabilities.

With official approval from HM Customs and Excise we can offer individuals special dispensations on many incurred expenses (some without receipts).

These typically include; daily travel, meals, accommodation (away from home), telephone and Internet charges, professional fees and many more business related items.

For a complete guide and application pack, please see our downloads section under RACS Collective Limited. Our full PAYE service is quick and easy to join. Simply download the application form, call us or ask us to call you. That's it!

You will be registered in 10 minutes and ready for payment through your Agency or End User Client.

RACS Collective fully complies with HMRC legislation, offering the total solution to UK contractors, needs.

Umbrella companies, like RACS Collective ensure compliance with recent MSC legislation. No IR35 worries or possible reclaiming of debt.

Expenses are processed FREE of charge and it doesn't cost to join or leave. We charge a fixed daily margin for the days you have worked. Compared to the others, RACS Collective is an industry leader on value for money: no joining or leaving costs!

Assistance: Please read our 'Quick Guide to Joining' to assist you with our application process.
'Members Forms' are designed to keep you stocked-up with the lastest version - please visit this page regularly.

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