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RACS Hybrid – The Perfect Solution for Construction Workers & Agencies

RACS Group has launched a new payroll solution for contractors working in the construction industry which is fully compliant with new government legislation which became law on the 6th April 2014.

RACS Hybrid is a flexible product which automatically considers the employment status of a contractor on any given assignment as per new guidelines regarding False Self-employment.

This ensures that contractors can still be paid via RACS Hybrid irrespective of whether they are working on an employed or self-employed basis (as decreed by the recruitment agency).

RACS Hybrid comprises all the advantages of the Umbrella model (for those who are deemed ‘employed’) and the traditional CIS Self-employed structure (for those who are genuinely ‘self-employed’).

The following illustration demonstrates how a contractor’s employment status is verified:

RACS Hybrid – Keeping Your Agency Fully Compliant

RACS Hybrid has been launched to help recruitment agencies conform with all aspects of Onshore Intermediaries & False Self-employment legislation which became law on 6th April 2014.

Introduced as part of the new Finance Bill, the legislation has been designed to clarify the employment status of contractors working within the construction sector. HMRC now demands that a contractors true Self-employed status has to be proven by demonstrating if ‘control’ is evident (or not) on any given assignment.

RACS Hybrid provides agencies with a fully compliant and flexible payroll solution offering the following commercial benefits:

  • Wholly compliant with Onshore Intermediaries & False Self-employment
  • Seamless outsourced payroll solutions for all contractor assignments
  • Eliminating the risk of DEBT TRANSFER, HMRC fines & liabilities
  • Active reporting systems already in place based on initial with HMRC requirements
  • Fully integrated with Pensions Act & Auto-enrolment legislation
  • Independent best advice & dedicated account managers

If your agency is in any doubt with any facet of the new legislation, please do not hesitate to contact Adam Jordan for a no-obligation compliance review on 0845 604 0571 or via adam.jordan@racsgroup.com.

RACS Hybrid – Total Flexibility for Contractors…

RACS Hybrid is a new payroll solution designed to ensure contractors remain fully compliant with recent False Self-employment legislation introduced on the 6th April 2014.

As part of the legislation, for a contractor to be genuinely deemed as ‘self-employed’ they now have to demonstrate that ‘control’ is neither evident onsite or included within any given assignment schedule.

RACS Hybrid has the flexibility to cater for both ‘employed’ and ‘Self-employed’ contracts and ensures that a contractor can work seamlessly via RACS Group without having to worry about the changing status of any assignment.

RACS Hybrid combines the respective benefits of RACS Collective umbrella product for those who are employed, and the advantages of RACS Group’s CIS Self-employed solution for those who are genuinely self-employed as outlined below:

  • Fully compliant with all aspects of the new laws
  • Flexibility to automatically switch between both employed & self-employed assignments
  • ‘Umbrella’ option with full employment rights including
  • Statutory Holiday Pay, Sick Pay & Pensions Contributions
  • Claim expenses for both employed & self-employed status helping your end-end assessment
  • Hassle-free administration, instant registration process & online portal

For more information or to register with RACS Group instantly, please click here or telephone 0845 604 0572 for an independent assessment of your professional circumstances.

Downloads for Agencies

RACS Group has published the following brochures & leaflets in Pdf format to assist agencies adapt to new
Onshore Intermediaries (False Self-Employment).

Please click the links below to access these essential documents:

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